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Name: sappho Thursday, August 2nd 2001 - 08:30:27 PM
E-mail address: srta_safo@hotmail.com
Challenge: Hi, guys!
Here are my challenges:

1. I want to find a HL/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Crossover, I don't know, I loved Li Mu Bai, maybe he is inmortal, or maybe Methos was there and we didn't see him in the movie.

2. And the most important...please, is there someone out there who writes in spanish? I'd love to read something n my language...

Well, I love you guys. Bye.

Name: Julie Joseph Saturday, July 28th 2001 - 12:31:33 AM
E-mail address: cappricio@hotmail.com
Challenge: Well, it has to do with the episode "Indiscretions". I was wondering if Charlotte was the only black woman, Methos ever slept with. SO, I challenge someone to write a story about Methos, former African girlfriend. Any time period will do. Either in the BCE or early CE period or closer to our times.

Name: A.J. Friday, July 27th 2001 - 10:35:46 PM
E-mail address: ajstarhiker@hotmail.com


    Here's an addition I thought of to an earlier challenge. The first challenge was a crossover with Stargate: SG-1 in which a member of SG-1 becomes Immortal.

    The addition is to make Hammond a Watcher. It would be interesting to see how his involvement with the team might conflict with his role as a Watcher...

Name: LAWTON ROBINSON Thursday, July 26th 2001 - 07:58:40 PM
E-mail address: ANAKIN7@HOTMAIL.COM



Name: lawton robinson Thursday, July 26th 2001 - 07:54:31 PM
E-mail address: ANAKIN7@HOTMAIL.COM



Name: Spike Wednesday, July 25th 2001 - 01:31:10 PM
E-mail address: spikedamazon@another.com


    HI everyone -; the one thing I love to read is R/M first time stories - actually every kind of first time story long or short..*G*
    But on with the challenge: I really like to see a story where Methos is totally in lust/love with "R"... -Kinda so much that every time he sees "R" he starts to blush and stutter and is all shy and stuff, but only with Ritchie..."R" is teasing him and jokes about his age and playing hard to get... Methos is totally jealous every time "R" flirts with someone or is on a date and bugs Mac and Dawson asking where he is but trying not to let on that he is in any way interested in Ritchie - in a not so covert way....*G*
    And Please make it hot and sexy and a little kinky..
    Things you have to use in this story:
    * a rope
    * a surprised Mac
    * a leather pants wearing,"R" most of the time
    * one or two nipple rings on "R"
    * a very frustrated Methos
    * a very jealous Methos in public

    Please O pretty please take this challenge....

Name: steve Friday, July 20th 2001 - 03:09:56 PM
E-mail address: sarles@sisna.com


    highlander/x-files crossover
    still mourning the bullet to the head Krycek took a few
    months back, I found myself thinking that it would be great
    to have a story that revealed his secret identity: the
    immortal Cory Raines!

    nick lea played both characters, and Krycek's lost arm is
    nicely foreshadowed with Xavier St.Cloud's lost hand.
    Krycek's moral ambiguity leaves lots of room to encompass a
    "side" like Cory. it's a great angle to create a back story
    on. and it would be such fun! poor ratboy wouldn't really be
    dead, and we could have more of Amanda's smile.
    this story would be better with highlander characters,
    written without dragging in scully, Mulder, skinner, etc...
    it could take place in the past, present or future, and of
    course good sex is always welcome.

    only one mercy: please please please in this story no one
    named nick Wolfe exists, has existed, or ever will. please.

Name: A.J. Starhiker Monday, July 16th 2001 - 10:02:39 PM
E-mail address: ajstarhiker@hotmail.com


    A new show called "The Chronicle" just came out on the Sci-fI channel. For anyone who doesn't know, the Chronicle is about this guy who goes to work for what he thinks is a tabloid newspaper. Thing is, everything they published is true. I'd like to see a crossover in which either one of the reporters is/becomes Immortal, or they try to investigate one or more Immortal.

    Pretty much the only restrictions I have for this is no slash and try to keep it below R. You can use either an established Immortal(s) or original.

Name: Dan Tuesday, July 10th 2001 - 05:56:16 PM
E-mail address: dan_s_1@yahoo.com


    I would like to challenge someone to write a Highlander story involving werewolves, good and evil. No slash stuff.

    Another challenge is to write a Highlander/Star Trek: DS9 crossover, with Richie Ryan as the main character. No slash. But, maybe something between RR and Major Kira?

Name: Eileen Tuesday, July 10th 2001 - 02:18:38 AM
E-mail address: written_4_u@yahoo.com


    I've read stories in which Duncan loses his memory and I was wondering if someone could write one in which MacLeod DOESN'T have anyone around him... No Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda or Connor to be there when he wakes up. He's on his own with total amnesia.
    His friends can, of course, "rescue" him eventually, but what would happen in the meantime? What type of personality would emerge?
    Any chance of this one happening or has it already happened?

Name: Firedrake Friday, July 6th 2001 - 12:30:47 AM
E-mail address: firedrake@hotmail.com


    I would love to see a Highlander/Queen of Swords crossover. What I would like to see is Methos, Kronos, or both come to Santa Helena. Methos can be Dr. Helm, but Kronos can't be Montoya (Montoya got sick in one episode and no way is Kronos that bad with a sword). How do they react seeing someone that looks exactly like them or their brother...? A plot would be nice, but PWPs are okay. Any rating and any category is fine with me, but I would prefer NC-17 slash (any pairing choosing from Helm, Montoya, Methos, and Kronos). Someone please write this! Please, please, please.

    I love crossovers I'd like to see more crossovers, especially Stargate SG-1.

Name: Mark Pacetti Friday, June 22nd 2001 - 08:22:24 PM
E-mail address: pacettim@aol.com


    Here a two ideas that I recently came up with:
    1) a Highlander/Baywatch/X-Files crossover: Immortal FBI Agents Mulder and Scully are after an Immortal villian in L.A. When Scully "dies" and comes back in front of the Baywatch lifegaurds after being attacked by the bad guy, they take them into their confidence. Especially, when later, one of the lifegaurds, Caroline Holden, becomes an Immortal herself. May require some changes to the Baywatch timeline.
    2) a idea I had while watching a videotape of the season 3 episode "The Lamb", what if Duncan got to hospital parking garage in time to see Kenny kill Dr. Anne Lindsey, only to receive the shock of his life when she turns out to be an Immortal.

    If anyone wants to give one a try, please e-mail me.

Name: lena Sunday, June 17th 2001 - 01:53:45 PM
E-mail address: lcs_2001@hotmail.com


    this is my idea for a story:
    a few millennia ago Methos was a slave. in present time he meets his master/mistress again and he or she is a good friend of Mac. Methos still consider this person his owner and he/she realizes this and decides to take advantage of it (I know I would have). how does he react? maybe he tells MacLeod and he doesn't believe him.  You can pretty much decide for yourself what happens from here.  The only demand is that Methos is totally submissive towards this person (and maybe Duncan too). slash or het is your choice.you can use any POV you want (preferably several different).
    I hope this isn't to much of a demand. I know there are many talented writers out there and and I would be eternally grateful if one of you took the time to write this story.please.

Name: M-X Friday, June 15th 2001 - 09:56:14 AM
E-mail address: mystique_mx@yahoo.com.mx


    Ok, a Charmed Fanfic, with Shannen leaving charmed, seems like Prue is gona be killed, so, what about if she reincarnates in the daughter of Phoebe of Piper? she could even be melinda! it could be funny or drama, as you wish, come on please me, my birthay is coming up!

Name: Windiain Wednesday, June 13th 2001 - 05:48:51 PM
E-mail address: windiain@yaoi.co.uk


    I've been a fan of both Highlander and Cadfael for a long time, and I've recently decided that I'd *really* like to see a crossover between them. For those that don't know, Cadfael is a series of books about a sleuth monk, written by Ellis Peters. It was also turned into a TV series in the mid-90s with Derek JacobI as Cadfael. Given that it's set in the 12th century, this would have to be a fic about Methos (or maybe Amanda - I can't remember offhand if she'd be around, but I'm thinking she would). I wouldn't want anything like the Cadfael characters becoming Immortal, more the Immortal characters appearing in the Cadfael world. Given the murders and mysteries that Cadfael seems to be neck-deep in, I'd think our Immortal friends would be feeling right at home there. I'm not sure what the story would be about, but I think that it would be interesting. Perhaps a mysterious headless body appears in Shrewsbury (where Cadfael is set), baffling our monkish hero until good ole Methos finds himself caught up in the fiasco. Cadfael was also a soldier in the Crusades before he became a monk, so you might be able to get something out of that. And the inclusion of vast amounts of Cadfael's sherriff friend, Hugh Beringar, would be considered a huge great bonus to me. :) It would probably be a non-slash fic, because I'm not sure there's really anyone *to* slash. Cadfael has his vows, Hugh has a lovely wife and a kid, and most of the nice young noblemen either get married, or become monks. Anyway, hopefully some Cadfael/Highlander fan will read this and make me a happy camper by writing it.

Name: lurkerqueen Sunday, June 10th 2001 - 11:24:20 PM
E-mail address: lurkerqueen42@yahoo.com


    Okay guys I gave this out years ago, no one took the challenge. I gonna write this someday but here it is..
    one of the 101 escapees from hell is/was an immortal.
    Methos killed him eons ago. So he is very strong now. He is after Methos or Mac..you chose. Can Stone save the day without revealing who he is? Obviously he knows of them..can be angsty or just action adventure..try your hand..me, personally..it's gonna be NC 17 slash..but that is me...
    very early in mccalls's (or control's) career he 'saves' mac in some iron curtain country. Now, in the twighlight of mccalls career as the equalizer, he and micky are trying to help a young man who swears their is a man with a sword after him. (young man does not he is immortal) Mac through the help of Jim descovers that a headhunter is in town after 'newbies'...Mccalls witness the fight when tracks down the sword man. Can Mac keep the secert of the game from the equalizer and micky while helping the young discover who he truly is? And What about McCall and the watchers.....knowing the tentensity (sp?) of McCall is the secert safe from him the and the agency..(control)...
    Have fun...

Name: Circe Tyree Wednesday, May 30th 2001 - 05:35:26 PM
E-mail address: CirceTyree@webtv.net


    I've seen a lot of stories, starting with the actual episode, where Kronos comes back into Methos' life, wanting to reform the Horsemen. Methos is always the one who has "grown up" and has to sceam (ok, I can't spell) and plot to get away from his brothers. Lately, I've been wishing for a story where Methos decides that it's time to drop his civilized face and lead (or co-lead w/Kronos) the Horseman.

    The closest I've seen to this idea is "The Chronicle of the Fifth Horseman" by Merlin. That's found at http://www.fifthhorseman.freeserve.co.uk/chronicle.htm

Name: A.J. Friday, May 18th 2001 - 12:05:10 PM
E-mail address: ajstarhiker@hotmail.com


    I'd like to see more Stargate crossovers, particularly ones where a member of SG-1 becomes Immortal.

Name: Gill Wednesday, May 16th 2001 - 12:54:49 PM
E-mail address: g.damerell1@physics.ox.ac.uk


    How about Highlander/old SF stories crossovers? Asimov's robot books or foundation series for example. What would DM make of Susan Calvert? (And that is *not* a suggestion for a romance. Definitely not!) Or what about Simak's book City, where the human race dies out and the dogs inherit the earth? That would probably not be a very cheerful story, but it might be *good*. Or if you're more into the violent kind of SF, then Niven's Man-Kzin wars might make a good setting. I think there's a lot of possibilities for some really good and unusual stories - I'd write 'em myself but I just don't have the right kind of imagination.

Name: Mark Pacetti Saturday, May 12th 2001 - 02:37:29 AM
E-mail address: pacettim@aol.com


    This is an Highlander/X-File/PsI Factor crossover, based on the three stories written by Michael Weyer on this website.
    X-Files: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are Immortal.
    PsI Factor: Lindsey Donner is a 389 year old Immortal.
    Dana Scully's brother Bill and his family come to Washington to visit Dana and their Mother.
    However, an attempt is made on Bill's life. Mulder and Scully, with some help from their new friend, Lindsey Donner of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Reseach (O.S.I.R) and her colleagues, they discover that the person behind it is an Immortal Pirate captain seeking revenge on the descendants of the men who put an end to his career almost 200 year's ago.
    When the pirate kidnappes Bill's family, he goes after him, not knowing he is Immortal.
    Can Mulder, Scully, Donner and her freinds find Bill, his faimily, and put an end to the Pirates regin of terror before it's too late? Will Bill find out about Dana's Immortality?
    If anyone wants to give this a try, please e-mail me and let me know.

Name: John E. Nolan Thursday, May 10th 2001 - 08:45:04 PM
E-mail address: roninja@bcpl.net


    What if Miss Amanda and Irene` Adler were to team up to
    scam and/or blackmail some deserving mark?

Name: Angela Tuesday, April 24th 2001 - 02:42:21 PM
E-mail address: Savage_Angel_1999@Yahoo.com


    A Buffy/Highlander crossover. The common link is the
    watches. Buffy runs into Connor, in New York, after he has
    just taken a head. Buffy thinks he is supernatural and
    therefore bad. She tries to kill him but of course can't so
    she runs to giles who tells her of Highlander Immortals.
    Connor calls Joe who tells him about the slayer and vampires
    and all that good stuff. They meet again decide to be
    friends and then a new bad guy (immortal) tries to kill the
    both of them. Vampires see Buffy having a hard time killing
    the immortal and decide to join the fight taking her
    attention away from connor and the other immortal.....oh
    what the hell, I might as well write the story myself sense
    I pretty much have already, ha ha ha. thanks for listening
    to me anyway. Email and tell me what you think of the story
    line thought so I know if anyone is interested in reading
    it. Thanks

Name: Zara Wednesday, April 18th 2001 - 04:02:48 PM
E-mail address: the_4_wolfs@yahoo.co.uk


    Buffy/Highlander crossover.
    Buffy, Willow, Oz, and Duncan Macloud get sent waaaaayy
    back in time, to when Methos was still with The 4 Horsemen,
    Buffy and Willow get captured by them and Oz and Duncan
    have to rescue them. Buffy has to tone down her temper and
    not get them killed.
    Set in season 4 for Buffy, and what ever you want for
    Send me a copy if you take this challange.

Name: cm Wednesday, April 18th 2001 - 08:38:34 AM
E-mail address: cmuhamma@hotmail.com


    Okay. How about a story in which D/M are a couple and they love each other very much. They both decide to take their relationship in a new direction by participating in a threesome. Only the guy that they experiment with becomes obsessed with Mac.
    Or, M/D are together and Methos decides to leave Mac b/c he can't handle his feelings for him. He then returns months later to find Mac with someone else who is abusive and won't let Mac go.

Name: lore Sunday, April 8th 2001 - 07:25:01 AM
E-mail address: lilith93@hotmail.com


    This is a Highlander/Sentinel AU challenge.
    What if instead of choosing Sentinels for his subject,
    Blair had chosen to study some old chronicle about people
    who returned from death.
    The watchers find out about his subject and decide to
    either recruit him or stop him from finding out more.
    During this, Blair meets up with Methos.

Name: Karrenia Friday, March 30th 2001 - 02:34:48 PM
E-mail address: kareng1@qwest.net


    Okay, supplemental
    The challenge was to be a crossover between Highlander and
    the UPN show 7 Days, since they have a time travelling
    device that allows one to go back and change/or alter events
    in the past seven days, how about one the characters from
    Highlander either Duncan, Dawson, or whomever, to go back
    and make it that Richie hadn't been killed, or it was just
    a hallunication conjured up by the demon Ahirman.
    You can come up with your own ideas on how to work this,
    I have a working title for the story"Come Undone,"
    If anyone responds to this challenge, let me know when
    the story is finished and where it's posted, so I can
    come and read it. Thanks.

Name: Karrenia Thursday, March 29th 2001 - 03:41:49 PM
E-mail address: kareng1@qwest.net


    Okay, this is for all of those people out there who were
    'less than satisified' with the way things turned at the end
    of the 6th season episode "Archangel, and for those who
    wished that Richie hadn't died<waves hand in the air>
    This might be kind of a strange challenge, but how about a
    crossover with the UPN show 7 Days and Highlander, since
    Frank can use the time traveling device to go back and mend
    events and other disastes by going back in time seven days,
    what if Duncan, Methos, or whomever you want to use from
    Highlander used it to make that Richie was never killed, or
    what Duncan thought was Richie, turned out to be simply an
    elaborate halluncition conjured up by the demon Ahirman.
    Working title on this 'Come Undone' but you can come up with
    your ideas and title. If anyone does respond to this
    challenge, please email me and let me know, where I can find
    once it's finished and posted <g>
    Thanks, Karen

Name: jennifer Monday, March 26th 2001 - 08:54:59 PM
E-mail address: rigbear@net-magic.net


    I would absolutly adore reading more Highlander,
    Robin of Sherwood crossover stories. I know there are
    already two in the archives , and they both were
    wonderfull. However I,m sure there's more wonderful
    stories tumbling around someone's imagination. Please,
    Please, send them in!!!!!!!

Name: Lore Sunday, March 25th 2001 - 10:48:23 AM
E-mail address: liliaeth@hotmail.com


    what about a Prey/Highlander-crossover.
    I just saw an episode and though it wasn't all that bad, I
    couldn't get it out of my mind how the doc would react to
    finding out that there is more than one secret race that
    noone knows about.
    Would the immortals see her as as dangerous as Horton was,
    would they side with her or with the new race ...
    Pick your choice

Name: Ryan Witalison Monday, March 5th 2001 - 10:25:38 PM
E-mail address: rwitalison@hotmail.com


    Highlander/Queen of Swords crossover
    What if the good doctor was really Methos
    No Slash

Name: Juliet Thursday, March 1st 2001 - 08:05:41 AM
E-mail address: sweetvalley99@aol.com


    Okay, I've been reading alot of these fics and I don't if
    I've come across the challenge I'm about to make or not.

    I've read alot of stories that have either Richie or Methos
    having some form or another of Amnesia. What about
    McLeod? Is he immune to amnesia or something?

    Write a story about Duncan getting amnesia. How does it
    affect him? The other characters? Any challenges that
    come his way? A "Archangel never happened" or something
    that deals with Archangel but Richie is alive is
    preferrable but not required. NO SLASH PLEASE!!

Name: Karennia Monday, February 26th 2001 - 02:29:10 PM
E-mail address: kareng1@qwest.net


    Well, I have discovered this, and am considering responding to at least a couple of them, while I am doing that, an idea for a story challenge xover occurred to me. If anyone who is familiar with the WB show, Roswell and with Highlander: The Series could write a crossover featuring at least a few of
    the characters from both shows... from what little I've seen of the show, they're currently in a story arc
    called the Hybrid chronicles, discovering the secrets of their human origins, but before they can do that, some else is out trying to either stop or hunt them down - called the Hybrid Chronicles..

    Sound kinda familiar? If someone out there would be kind enough to respond to this challenge, you could maybe throw in Richie/Methos, and or the Watchers, and take off with this. I don't know enough about Roswell to do it myself,.. so if/when someone does write a story in response to this challenge, email and let me know, I would love to read it/or post it on seventh dimension, or wherever else it will be archived. Thanks.
    Take care,
    Karen aka Karrenia

Name: Mark Pacetti Monday, February 26th 2001 - 02:44:22 AM
E-mail address: pacettim@aol.com


    This is a Highlander/X-Files/Babylon 5/Law and Order crossover. Mulder & Scully (X-Files), Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5),and Abby Carmichael (Law and Order) are all Immortal.
    The story would alternate between the year 2000 and 2260.
    The parts set in the year 2000 would tell the story of how Scully's family and the Lone Gunman found out and deal with Mulder and Scully's Immortality. The parts in 2260 would deal with Mulder and Scully's investigating a series of strange deaths on Babylon 5. Nothing over the rating of R please.
    Also the following must be included:
    1)Mulder and Scully are married,
    2)Susan Ivanova is revealed to be the Immortal Katherine Raven from the Highlander episode "Two Of Hearts",
    3)Abby Carmichael is on board Babylon 5, and is a Ranger (she is the only character from Law and Order to appear),
    4)One other Babylon 5 character is revealed to be Immortal, whether a older or newborn Immortal is up to whoever tries this challenge. 

    If anyone wants to give it a try, please e-mail me at PACETTIM@AOL.COM.

Name: daisy Tuesday, February 20th 2001 - 05:33:28 AM
E-mail address: daisyscheerhoorn@hotmail.com


    okay, here it comes: I challenge you to write a x-over of
    HL/Buffy. it has to take place in Seacouver, and only
    willow has to be there.(none of the other characters)
    how she got there is up to you. however, she does have to
    become friends with Methos.

Name: Rogue 9a Wednesday, February 14th 2001 - 03:12:40 PM
E-mail address: corranhorn9a@yahoo.com


    Methos meets new immortal Lucy Knight (from ER) as well as an old friend. NO SLASH

Name: Shira Wednesday, February 14th 2001 - 06:09:47 AM
E-mail address: Shiralynn@lycos.de


    First, my compliments to all writers: The only decent
    writings of mine happen to come out as poetry ... which
    means I have a healthy respect for all of you people who
    fill pages after pages. Let's see, if I can get you to
    write some more to my liking :-)

    My Challenge:
      D/M, slash welcome but not required. Many D/M
      stories deal with Mac's distrust of Methos after CAH but
      mostly in the "I forgive you" mode. For a change let that
      distrust work: A mortal woman/teenager turns up and
      confronts Methos with a rather recent (if unconsciously
      perpetrated or necessary?) ugly deed of his. Methos fears
      Mac's reaction if he finds out - with reason. While I do
      like happy-ends I won't press you for one ... just no major
      character deaths.

Name: Jez Monday, February 12th 2001 - 07:13:39 AM
E-mail address: eh_oh_po@yahoo.com


    "It only takes a minute to form a crush. 
    An hour to like someone, A day to fall in love but a lifetime to forget."

    Gen, R, or slash, I'd love to see how this holds up to the tests of time, after all, maybe Methos had an immortal love in the past that died, or maybe Connor and Amanda are lovers? Whatever you want to do, but using the quote...

Name: C.J. Davis Sunday, February 11th 2001 - 03:38:02 PM
E-mail address: CnDDavis@aol.com


    I recently watched the episode "Deliverance". For all I know this has already been done I just haven't found the fanfic; but, what exactly did Methos say to Rachel to get the MacLeod Claymore to Paris? She did say that he was "pretty convincing". I'm just very curious!

Name: Kat Friday, February 9th 2001 - 04:38:58 PM
E-mail address: Crazy5629@aol.com


    Anyone write a story about Methos' time with the Rolling Stones yet?

Name: Susan Friday, February 9th 2001 - 02:43:32 PM
E-mail address: susn_89@yahoo.com


    I love reading all the great HL fanfics. Here's my Challenge:
      Where did Methos get his Ivanhoe? His sword is really beautiful and I bet the old man has a story to tell.  (We might have to bribe him with some cheap beer to get it out of him, though!) Involve any characters you wish, but Duncan, Amanda, Joe, and Richie must make appearances. Any rating through R, please no slash. :)

Name: Lore Thursday, February 8th 2001 - 04:02:54 AM
E-mail address: demonmother@hotmail.com


    I'd love for someone to write a Profiler/Highlander crossover. Preferably one where the VCTF has to track down one of the members of the cast (preferably Richie or Methos) for taking someone's head.

    The immortal(s) can't just explain the Game and get away with things. This could be slash but doesn't have to be

Name: Francis Monday, February 5th 2001 - 09:22:22 PM
E-mail address: fxavier2910@hotmail.com


    why is it that every time an immortal gets forced to fess up they tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? "hi! I'm immortal but you can kill me if you cut off my head!" this doesn't seem really realistic when you realize that in order to survive the centuries its better that nobody knows too much on how they die. 

    so how about a fic where the immies have to come up and top each other with the craziest reasons they've ever given mortals as to why they're still here... alien abduction? lebensborn eugenics? radioactive spider? 


Name: JezT Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - 09:16:41 AM
E-mail address: eh_oh_po@yahoo.com


    I am a big fan of Mona Ramsey but would love to see more Richie and Joe Fic (yes I know that squicks some of you, but it is not that bad, really...) I just see the two of  them as people that relate on the basis that they both suffered trauma at an early age and are, in immortal terms at least, similar ages. Heck if we pair a 20-something with a 5,000 year old why not a 50 year old???

Name: francis Monday, January 29th 2001 - 09:23:59 AM
E-mail address: fxavier2910@hotmail.com


    I dunno where I came up up with the idea. I was asleep but now I'm not. I know a lot of people out there don't seem to like Randi McFarland much. she's not a very well rounded character, acts like Lois Lane, etc. anyway for some reason
    I started to wonder if anyone can come up with a SERIOUS story that forces Duncan MacLeod to invent some VERY CONVINCING strange covert mercenary organization that he is a member of and Randi McFarland must stumble upon. With all his shady friends, Methos, Joe, Amanda, etc. this won't be too hard. Just no James Bond super gadgets. and the whole plan should be to distract this pesky reporter from (something) without her looking like a ditz. 

    Try and add as many lesser known characters from the series as possible like Elizabeth Vaughn, Rachel MacLeod, etc. Enjoy!

Name: Rachael Stern Sunday, January 28th 2001 - 12:41:19 AM
E-mail address: gabrielle266@yahoo.com


    I challenge any writer to write a crossover story with Highlander (obviously) and Oz (you know, the "gritty prison drama" on HBO). I'm just dying to read one, and I can't find one anywhere. You can take a character from Highlander and make them a prisoner in Oz and let them interact with the characters there. Or you can take a prisoner already in Oz and make them Immortal (in or out of Oz). I don't really

    Bonus points if you can get all of the main characters (Mac, Richie, Joe, Amanda, and Methos from
    Highlander, and the O'Reily's, Keller, Beecher, Shillinger, McManus, Murphy, Glynn, Hill, Said, Alvarez, etc. ad nausium from Oz) of both shows to make an appearance somewhere in the fic.

    Triple bonus points if you can mess with the Beecher/Keller relationship in the process. 

    Come on, you know you want to!   :-)

Name: cm Tuesday, January 23rd 2001 - 07:34:20 PM
E-mail address: cmuhamma@hotmail.com


    How about someone writes a story about a drug drama, in which Methos is the drug dealer and Duncan is his client. Duncan falls in love with Methos and would do anything for him and with him. Methos uses his love to enhance his clientele. Duncan finds himself involved in a dangerous world of drugs, sex, and violence.
    Please make it long and make sure that it is well written.


Name: Neko Sunday, January 21st 2001 - 06:32:18 PM
E-mail address: the_kawaii_kuroneko_sama@vashstalker.zzn.com


    How about a Highlander/FushigI YuugI (anime) crossover? One
    of the Immortal characters could stumble upon the Universe
    of the Four Gods. Mostly I just want to see how any one of
    the characters would react to Nuriko. ^_^

Name: bunny-chan Thursday, January 18th 2001 - 09:18:42 AM
E-mail address: bunny-chan3@gurlmail.com


    I challenge to write a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander, Angel, Forever Knight, X-files, X-MEN the
    movie crossover. the main aspects are....

    1) Buffy must be immortal and a mutant but not know it
    2) Methos must be involved
    3) Buffy has to be in college
    4) The reason she hasn't been challenged is immortals hate the hell mouth
    5) Riley is  gone and she must date an immortal or mutant

    that is my challenge!

Name: Darkage Wednesday, January 17th 2001 - 07:00:44 AM
E-mail address: Darkage1313@aol.com


    I would like some one to write a Buffy X-over fic that is centered on Methos.

    Must have:
    * Methos/Buffy relationship (romance)
    * Evil Spike
    * One of the Scooby Gang becoming Immortal
    * PG-13 or higher

Name: Carol S Sunday, January 14th 2001 - 08:25:41 PM
E-mail address: carols@winternet.com


    I'd love to see more on Joe and "young" Adam Pierson's
    interaction prior to Methos meeting Duncan. I don't care if
    it's a stand alone story or as flashback in a larger work.
    Gen or slash, angst or silliness, are equally good.

Name: dreamer Thursday, January 11th 2001 - 12:58:42 PM
E-mail address: dream_a_little@hotmail.com


    Highlander/Lovejoy Mysteries Crossover. 

    Main characters Connor (Endgame never happened) and the trouble-prone Richie (AA never happened) and Lovejoy. Set in present day England. Richie has gotten mixed up in something to do with antiques and murder. Lovejoy is also mixed up in the mess as well. Connor comes to the rescue. Connor and Lovejoy have some type of 'past' - could be a m/m relationship or could just be old antique dealer buddies.
    Lovejoy's life is in danger, and he discovers Connor's and Richie's secret.

Name: jvinsel Wednesday, January 10th 2001 - 10:51:48 AM
E-mail address: jvinsel@yahoo.com



    I would like to see a cross over with some of the DC comics super heroes.

    Superman might be a little too much, but how about batman??

Name: Cadey Tuesday, January 9th 2001 - 04:39:41 AM
E-mail address: highlandspacecadet@yahoo.com


    The Challenge, should you choose to accept it: Have a Highlander/X-Files crossover in which one of them is already Immortal before the pilot episode of the X-Files. Restrictions: The chosen Immortal must be at least 1000 years old, and Methos must make an appearance. Teacher, ex-lover, whatever. This also must be a *Mulder/Scully romance*. Slash is okay, nc17 is also okay, but please also make a pg version for the kiddies to enjoy. 

    Happy writing - Cadey


Name: Sherry101 Wednesday, January 3rd 2001 - 04:07:37 PM
E-mail address: Sherry101@mediaone.net


    My first Challenge was a Highlander/Kindred: The Embraced crossover...Still is....Here it goes..

    What if Caitlin ( from the Kindred show) is Immortal. Let's say at first she did not know what Julian is.  The woman is smart, she gets a clue. At first, she is not sure what to do. She thinks about telling him, but when it gets down to it "Trust" is the main word here. She wants him to tell her what he is. (he does not)...There is a scene where she finds out in a cabin, when someone comes to kill Julian.
    What if she already knew....  She also has a sword..... He thinks that he made her forget, but his power in that department does not work.. When they get back to the city she knows it's time to move on, let's say before she can break up with him he breaks up with here..  At the same time one of her own kind comes for her head. Also, Amanda comes for a visit. (Caitlin and Amanda are best friends) later on The rest of the gang show up.
    So, why is someone after Caitlin..  Caitlin and Amanda friends, makes you think what was Caitlin's life was like. Instead of Caitlin in the dark let it be the kindred...
    Thanks, Sherry101

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