Preliminary Categories

How to label fanfic is always a hot topic for debate. Whether you are a long-term fan or a newbie, you are bound to have an opinion as to what kinds of stories are the best, and what you like to see in a story.

But a book shouldn't be judged by its cover - some authors' ideas as to what category their story fits into doesn't match the readers' ideas. And sometimes people get so used to just reading stories out of one category, that they don't try stories that aren't marked with that label. Also, you can have a action story take place at Easter that is a romance that begins and ends with poems by the author - how do you then to classify it? If all labels are to be given, what does that mean? What if there is 20 pages of romance with a single page of sword fight - how can that be labeled action?

As you can see the labeling can be a chore - and labels are only marginally beneficial to the writers, helping focus people who like those kinds of things to their stories, and perhaps reducing the occasional chance of flames. As such, most categories are COMPLETELY optional for authors when submitting their archive information, and I will not go through and label the stories, though I will consult when asked.

Some Suggested Categories

Crossover, Action (Sword or fist fights and the like), Romance (someone is wooed), First Time, PWP, Holidays, Poem, Filk

Crossovers are always to be labeled, if you want the story included in the crossover index of the archive. If necessary you can choose not to reveal what show the story crosses over with but the standard format for the archive info is X-Over OtherSeriesName ex. X-Over Buffy

For Holidays, I thought it would be nice to have associated stories on a special page near the time of the Holiday. This category will not be listed in the general info, unless requested by the author, but in a separate column to help me keep track of which stories should be up when.

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