How I Archive...

aka How to Get Your Stories Archived faster.

As the archive is about to hit the 2,000th story mark, after a little more than two years of existence, I thought I would try to explain how I archive.  Hopefully, this will help correct some erroneous beliefs out there, and (crossing fingers) end up with more submissions being properly formatted.

Why Do I Archive -

When Do I Archive -

When Do I Stop Archiving for the Day -

Do I Read All the Stories?

Do I Have a Thing Against (Insert Subgenre Here)?

Is _____ the Best Story I've Ever Read?

Do I Have to Like Your Story to Archive It?

Do Stories Have to be Betaed?

When Will Your Story Go Up?

How Long Will Your Story be on the New to the Archive page?  Aka do the dates on the archive page matter?

So why do I feel okay with having 100 messages in my "to archive" box?

Any further questions or points you think could use clarifying?  E-Mail Me.   :) AnnF
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