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While most of these sites have Highlander fanfic on them, there are some concentrations...
Other Highlander Archives   Highlander Authors Personal Sites   Multi-Fandom
Other Fandoms   Fanfic in Languages Other than English


Other Archives and Major Sites of Interest

Highlander Quill Club

A fairly graphic intensive archive of fan fiction and
other Highlander related materials. Now at a new location!!

The Richie/Methos Slash List Archive

As the name states this is an archive with mainly slash.


Highlander: the Fanfiction Season
The single fan-written season...

Methos Boxer Brigade

Adult and Slash fiction (well a little gen too) starring the Boxer clad one.

Highlander: The Fic-thology

A Selection of the compiler's favorite fanfic

Joe Stories Archive

Highlander: Connor MacLeod Fanfiction Site
Ramirez Fanfiction Page

The Unthinkable Alternative Archive
A Slash Archive for Duncan/Methos stories.

The Raven's Nest
Archive for HL:Raven stories only, doesn't accept slash.

Camp of the Horsemen
A fan fiction archive featuring the Four Horsemen, Kronos, Methos, Caspian, & Silas

Highlander Authors' Index

Listing of where authors stories can be found - lists both archives and personal pages for each author.

The Hetskateer's Headquarters

As the name implies, there is no slash at this site.

Ashton Press Fanfic

    HL gen stories here, as well as Alias Smith & Jones, Blakes 7 and Beauty & the Beast.

Daire’s FanFic Refuge

    A home for the fanfic homeless. Mainly Highlander, but can be anything your heart desires. So far, the fiction topic seems to be mainly Methos. No slash.

MacMint Asylum

    new url as of October 2001

The BadFic Hub

    You can't say we didn't warn you! With crossovers (you name it, it will show up here!), plus HL, SG:SG1, Farscape, ST: Voyager fics.

The Book of Darius

    A site devoted to Darius with history, stories, reviews, and more!

The Lurker's Lounge

    Provides a safe, dark haven from the bright lights and flames on the Net for the dedicated Highlander and Star Trek Lurker. We have a bar with drinks and recipes, a fanfic Library, and information about Lurkers, including the Lurker ID Test.

Xover Fanfic Archive

    Highlander Author Personal Sites

    Adam's Universe - The Writing of Iras

      An alternate 'Highlander' universe with special focus on Methos' life.

    Aeron Lanart

      Fiction page that includes slash as well as Voyager crossovers.

    AitCassidy's Highlander stories

      Alis' (aka Takra) Site

        Also has a gen fanfic archive, with most of the writers from the Richie Forever List. Not that they are biased towards any one character.... ;)

      Astrochick Mac Fru's Fanfic Page

        Less commonly known as Kristine Larsen's page. Has Slash and Gen Stories.

      Ben Church's Fiction Page

        Has Highlander, Buffy, and X-men fanfic.

      Bouquet's Library

        C. Bart's Fanfic

          Includes FK/Highlander Crossovers heavy on FK :-) as well as a purely Highlander story and links to her HL and FK pages

        CC's Night Jungle

          Crossovers with the vampire chronicles, including slash, and other fanfic.

        Chez Emma

          Fan fiction and occasional musings by Emma Keigh. Primarily Highlander, but others may make guest appearances from time to time. Adult and Slash Friendly.

        Christine and Cassandra Pierson's Pages

          Stories in German and English. :)

        Debi Moseley's Homepage and Highlander Fanfic Archive

          The title says it all. :)

        Dorian T's Highlander Fanfic

          Home of the epic "The Undoing". Which the author describes as... "It is a turn Archangel on its ear kind of story that just grew and grew andgrew into a novel. It skips between several different periods in time,most of it in the present, but one chapter

        Eugenie Chua's Secret Hiding Place

          With Gen & Slash stories from many fandoms including Kung Fu: TLC, Sentinel, Due South, Highlander (of course), & crossovers. As well as some pic manips.

        Fiction by sef1029

          Stories set in the fourth and fifth seasons, with a focus on the Duncan-Richie (father/son) relationship. Joe Dawson, Methos, Amanda, Angie Burke, and Anne Lindsey appear as well. Readers' comments are also provided for each story.

        Highlander and Me--Kat Parsons

          The most recent versions of "Highlander" stories by Kat Parsons, in HTML format.

        Highlandlass's Site

          Jacynthe's Bookshelf

            Gen fiction from many different fandoms, including Highlander. Multi-media. HL fic: gen, lotsa angst, violence.

          Jam-wired's Writing

            Jean's Page - The Eternally Upbeat

              Gen and Slash Stories; Sentinel, Highlander, and Original Fic.

            Jeff Benson's Highlander Page

              Fanfic, links, and more.

            Jennifer Shipp's Fiction

              Jill Kirby's Fanfic

                Has Highlander/Forever Knight Crossovers, as well as Pretender, Farscape, and ST: Voyager Fiction.

              Jo's Highlander Obsession

                Highlander fanfic written by JoLayne and a few other authors. All of the stories archived deal with Methos.

              Kamil's Highlander Home

                Karen Drom's Fiction

                  Lee"Budgie" Barnett's Site

                    Lisa Drexel's Fan Fiction Page

                      Also has Buffy, Forever Knight, ST:Voyager, and X-Files stories...

                    Lisa Hughes' Highlander Fanfic

                      Contains the Methos Journal series, excerpts from Methos' diary. Methos reflects upon his relationship with MacLeod and the events which shaped it.

                    MacGeorge's Madness

                      Maria Salazar's (RosebudSal) Homepage

                        Mehri's Mountain: Merrie Gail (Foerster)'s Fanfiction

                          methosluvr's fanfic page

                            Adult and Slash stories at this site.

                          Olwyn's Homepage

                            Parda's Site

                              HL Timeline; List of Teachers-Students; HL Links, and Archives of Clan MacLeod stories, Ramirez stories, and stories about Connor and Methos together. Also, stories by Parda about Cassandra (the Hope Series), Connor, Methos, Joe, Duncan, Alexandra Johnson, and the Physics of Quickenings. Stories are mostly gen, some explicit het, some nonexplicit slash.

                            Polly Bywater's Slash Page

                              Rhiannon's Eyrie

                                Has stories inspired by the Highlander, Forever Knight, and X-Files fandoms.

                              Russet McMillan's Fanfic

                                Mostly gen and some slash stories from The Professionals, Highlander, Quantum Leap, Wiseguy, Forever Knight, Zorro, Dr. Who, and The Sentinel.

                              Sabotini's House o' Fanfic

                                From humor to romance, a slash fan fiction sampler.

                              Sandra McDonald's Homepage

                                Complete listing and links to her fan fiction. :)

                              SciFiScarlet Story Page

                                Some stories are slash.

                              Sean Simpson's Homepage

                                Sharon Marais' Fanfic Site

                                  Contains at least 20 Chapters of her -in progress- highlanderstory "The Song of The Seer", as well as other fiction and poetry.

                                Squeeky MacWench's Richfic Guide

                                  A gateway to my favorite fanfic stories and writers, 99% of which is centered on Richie Ryan (gotta love him). Unfinished as yet, but coming together nicely.

                                Sue Kelley's File Cabinet

                                  Do you like fic with Richie?

                                T.L. Odell's Fanfiction

                                  Teresa Coffman's Highlander Keep

                                    The site includes fanfiction by Teresa Coffman, the Highlander Quote Game, and "Conversation at Joe's," a collection of stories set in one of Joe's bars.

                                  The Bordello

                                    Site for Adults. Highlander fiction: some gen, slash, all stories labeled.

                                  The Hall of HonorH

                                    HonorH's personal fanfic (Highlander and Xena), plus a long list of fanfic recommends.

                                  The Shores of Loch Shiel -- Emma Lea Marion's Fanfic Page

                                    Has stories inspired by the Highlander, and Discworld fandoms.

                                  The Troth's Highlander Page

                                    Fanfiction, Sounds, stuff about Peter Wingfield's new series Noah's Ark, and Eurominutes to HL!

                                  The Wolf's Lair - Alyss' X-Files and Highlander Fiction

                                    Vi Moreau's Site

                                      General-- aka Many Fandoms

                                      Fan Fiction on the Net
                                      Great Place to find fanfic sites for nearly every show or series.

                                      W.Loraine Kelley's Fan Fiction
                                      Gen fiction from many different fandoms, including Highlander.

                                      Vortex Fiction List Archive

                                      Alternate Realities Fan Fiction Archive
                                      Multiple fandom site. It has a Highlander section among the other sections (Buffy, Tomorrow People, crossovers)

                                      The Equalizer Fan Fiction Page
                                      The Equalizer Fan Fiction page features stories from the 1980's crime drama"The Equalizer". There are a number of crossover stories there, includingcrossovers with X-Files, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Sentinel, and KungFu: The Legend Continues. Most stories are of the Gen variety.

                                      Alternate Universe Today
                                      Large Archive for B5 fanfic. Also has information on the mailing list.

                                      X-File Links Page
                                      Place to find links to nearly every X-Files fanfic site on the web.

                                      Gossamer Project
                                      This is where to find nearly every X-files fanfic story. Even if you just like Highlander fanfic, you might want to check out their X-over page.Then again, I love X-overs, so I'm prejudiced. : )

                                      The Annex: The Gossamer Novel Archive - NEW URL
                                      If you prefer your stories to be over 250K, and downloadable in one pieceas well as a zipped version available, this is the place to go. Has the large stories from Gossamer, plus neat extras. : D

                                      Ann's X-File Fanfic Page
                                      Some of you know, that I used to write X-Files fanfic, this is the site it haunts. Of course, if you read any of it, you may be thankful I switched to archiving. (self-depreciating grin)

                                      Forever Knight Fanfic
                                      A good majority of FK fanfic can be found here. Again, be sure to checkout the Crossover page. : )

                                      C. Bart's Fanfic
                                      Includes FK/Highlander Crossovers heavy on FK :-) as well as a purely Highlander story and links to her HL and FK pages


                                      Fanfic Written in Languages Other Than English

                                      FanFic.DE - Archiv fuer deutschsprachige Fan Fiction

                                        Multifandom archive Fanfic in German. :)

                                      Fanfiction Paradies

                                        Fanfic in German.

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