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If you are the list-mom or dad to a list, and wish it listed here, just send me a note. :)

Mailing lists and newsgroups are wonderful ways to find out more about any fandom. And for Highlander, as many fandoms, there are a multitude of lists out there. I'm providing this listing, as a way for new and old fans to find lists. I personally find lists the fastest, and most interactive aspect of online fandom. And with several free mailing list providers now operating, it has become a bit harder to find out about them all...

Things to keep in mind when joining a list...

I'm not a member of all of these lists, if I was my inbox would probably explode. And I am putting no preference on any of these, nor implying an association with this archive. This information is simply to help people find the lists.

Lists with Fiction     Beta Reader Associations
Lists for Discussion     Lists for Roleplaying

Lists with Fiction

HLGenFanfic - list for Highlander Fanfic that is rated G to PG-13.

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HLFIC-L -- Highlander Fanfic Mailing List

This is one of the older and larger HL lists. Open to all ages. There are Topics on the list, so please read the FAQ very carefully. Discussion posts must have OT: at the start of the subject line, and Adult posts must have ADULT: This is especially important as all ages are allowed to join.

To Subscribe To hlfic-l:

Richfic -- Richie Forever Fanfic Mailing List

The list for stories featuring Richie. For more information, as well as how to subscribe go to...


This mailing list is for all Adult Highlander Stories be they het or slash, and was among the first HL lists formed (though has changed list providers a couple times). List has associated HLX archive (currently under renovation), in which all stories posted to list are archived.
For more information, as well as how to subscribe go to...

Richie-Methos -- Richie/Methos Mailing List

This mailing list is primarily centered around slash fiction that pairs Richie and Methos as is implied by the List name, as such you should be 18 or older to subscribe.
For more information, as well as how to subscribe go to...

Methos Scrolls Mailing List

For subscription and list info go to
and follow the link for the Methos Scrolls Page.

Methos Boxer Brigade Mailing List

Both fiction and discussion are welcome, as is properly labelled adult content. The list is slash-friendly, but not slash-exlusive.

For more information, as well as how to subscribe go to...

Kronos Mailing List

A list for discussion and fanfic with Kronos. As stories involving Kronos, tend to be on the violent side, you need to be 18 to join the list.
For subscription and list info go to

Cory Raines Mailing List

A list for discussion and fanfic with the thief Cory Raines (played by Nicolas Lea) you saw in the episode "Money No Object" from the show Highlander.
For subscription and list info go to

DuncanSlash Mailing List

A list for discussion and fanfic of Duncan's slashy relationships on Highlander.
You must be 21 or over to join, send an age statement to
For further list info go to

Jagged Edge Fan Fiction Mailing List

It's a mailing list for all sorts of fan fiction and a place for authors and readers to converge. More information can be found at
the Onelist Listing for the list

Associations for Beta Readers

HLBETA -- Highlander Fanfic Beta Readers List

A list designed to help Authors and beta readers find each other. No lurking allowed. :) Please post an introduction post upon joining the list, stating what kinds of fic you like to read, and whether you are an author or beta or both. Limited discussion leading to story development is allowed, above PG postings must be marked in the subject line.
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Lists for Discussion Only

The Connor List

A list with discussion of everything and anything about Connor MacLeod, the Highlander. Must be over 17 to join.
To join, go to

The Kurgan List

For fans of the movie Highlander and Clancy Brown (Starship Troopers, Earth2, Shawshank Redemption), the actor who played the Kurgan, here is a list devoted to the Kurgan, the villain of the first Highlander film. Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and Ramirez (Sean Connery) fans welcome as well.
For more information go to

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Lists for Roleplaying


A role playing game for fans of the Highlander movies. Join and play along as your favorite character, or create a new character.
For more information go to

working on adding more...