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Hi, this page takes you to a guest book, with fields to fill out.

This is a fanfic site. The only limits are the authors' imaginations. If you really don't like a trend in fanfic, I double-dog dare you to write a story without the elements you dislike. I'd be happy to archive it.

Can anyone tell there have been some poorly worded Challenges??

Please try to word things in a positive manner. Rather than saying something is dumb, tell how much you would like to see its opposite. It'll be good practice for Real Life, so you don't get sued in this age of Politically Correctness.

While I do my best to keep an open mind, I must ask that people please refrain from adding challenges that ask authors to write stories with violent themes, such as rape and torture. There is enough hate and violence in this world without asking for more fiction containing it. I like hurt/comfort stories, but I react badly to hurt/hurt stories, especially when it is not to further a plot line. And while I do not censor what stories go up, I feel more than justified censoring challenges.

Besides the fact that this is an all ages site, and the challenges page so far does not contain Adult and Gen sections, please consider when writing a challenge how best to entice a writer to write on your subject... "what if" questions are always intriguing... bits of insight are cool... and recipes for murder and mayhem without further character development are - at least in my opinion, disturbing.


Please click on the link below to submit your Challenge or Recommendation. And, feel free to send me a note responding to Challenges, to inform me of stories that already meet the guidelines of a challenge someone made.

Story Recommendations are stories you liked and want to suggest others to read

Challenges are ideas for stories you would like someone to write

I'd also like to encourage people to make more Recommendations, as there is a definite unbalance in the amount of each I receive.

If you have a suggestion/comment about the archive itself, please contact me at

And remember, be good. :)

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