Welcome to Highlander Fanfic!

Hi, since one of the more interesting facets of the on-line world is the coming and going of people, I'd thought it'd be nice to add this page to the site. Besides, some of my friends have briefly ventured into the world of fanfic, and been overwhelmed by some of the terminology and plain ole' expanse of material out there.

First off, the Terminology. In any group slang words and shortcuts pop up, and this is especially true for fanfic, since everything is typed out. Repeatedly typing the same phrases out, just gets tedious, leading to abbreviations. Now each type of fanfic has a few different terms and there are always new ones popping up, but it is important to know the basics.

Also be sure to check out the Ratings page. Always best to gather as much info as possible.

Another thing you should check out if you are a new Highlander fanfic addict is the Links Page while this site does have a good deal of fanfic, there are plenty of stories on Quill Club (for example) that are not also archived here. KS Nicolas' Fan Fiction on the Net has links to a good portion of fanfic sites of all types, and if your need to read is still not quenched check your favorite search engine, or write your own... :)

Also, you might consider joining a mailing list or two, to have Highlander stories and discussion delivered directly to your Inbox.

And remember, the point of a newbies page is to help you? So if you have any Highlander fanfic related questions that this page didn't cover please e-mail me.

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