Rating Info

All ratings are generally done similar to American Movie ratings, with the notable exceptions of Adult and Slash. The ratings are done for the purpose of assisting readers. NC-17 is not used at this site, as the content of this site is not beyond what you could find in the Fiction area of your local library.

Slash - is a term nearly exclusive to fanfic, referring to a romantic/sexual relationship between characters of the same gender. If you want to know more about Slash, arguements for and against, please go see the top of the (Fan Fiction on the Net)'s Slash page. Please skip to the bottom for guidlines on rating slash stories.

G - is General Audiences, as in a three year old wouldn't get disturbed by it. Most Disney movies are at least PG, for comparision, little violence, nothing really beyond a het. kiss on the cheek, or as going out the door.

PG - is Parental Guidance, as in a ten year old should be okay with them, some violence, no gore, a het. kiss on going out the door, yelling darn when you stub your toe.

PG-13 - is Parental Guidance, recommended that you be at least 13 to watch or read it. More violence, nothing below the waist - het. romance wise, yelling damn as you stub your toe.

R - Restricted Audiences - 18 and above, for this archive stories with violence and/or gore, with nothing below the waist - het. romance wise. A profusion of cursing with no nookie is also rated R. So Duncan can take 3 heads, slip in the blood, stub his toe and yell F**K this.

Adult - indicates that readers should be at least 18 or 21 years old (depending on age of majority where you live), before they read the story. Consider Adult a meshing of the R & NC-17 movie ratings. Adult stories on this archive usually include some het. romance, as well as anything included in the R rated stories.

PG-15 Slash - Nothing beyond hand-holding. And not many lustful thoughts. Sorry but conservative is the way to go.

Adult/Slash - All slash stories that go beyond hand holding is rated Adult/Slash, for its potentially controversial nature. Simple, eh. The reason for this is clear, if a mother who doesn't think her child should be reading slash finds her child reading slash... This is also why the Gen Stories index was created.

As a whole, authors of Highlander fan fiction have their personal fanfic pages well-labeled. Most of these sites which have Adult or Adult/Slash stories have multiple warnings telling kiddies to stay away. (Some with the under 18 link sending the reader to a Disney site. {laughter}) While this site does not make readers jump through multiple 'you'd better be 18' hoops, the stories are all marked and many also have warnings at the beginning of the story, so consider the hoops to be implied. ;) If you read slash fiction on this site, and are offended by it, you have only yourself to blame, as you have been warned.

Please exercise your Freedom of Choice and skip any stories you may find offensive. Of any genre. (I know some people who are horrified when DM is paired with Dr. Anne, and the series did that.)

And always, in the interest of a peaceful society, no flames. Silence is twice as damning.

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