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Non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverages are quite common these days. It has been proven that people can’t tell the difference between them and a regular beer. This is true no matter how often they consume beer.

People who want to lower the amount of alcohol they drink switch to these options. It is a common question to ask though whether or not they are a good alternative.

Are You An Alcoholic?

The first question to ask yourself, in this case, is if you have ever had an alcohol problem. That is an important factor to consider.

Issues with alcohol include:

–    Binge drinking

–    Becoming aggressive or anxious or depressed when drinking

–    Diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependency

–    Difficulty stopping once you start

–    Physical problems because of alcohol abuse like liver disease

If you have a shaky history with alcohol, then it is best to stay away completely. It doesn’t matter if it’s low content or none at all. The taste of it can trigger you and may lead you to want more.

Maybe if you didn’t have an alcohol problem, but a close family member did, then you shouldn’t drink. That is because alcohol addiction can be genetic. If someone in your family has had addiction issues, then you are more at risk than the average person.

Expectancy: The Placebo Effect

Placebo effects are effects that aren’t actually caused by the drug you took. This can happen in the case of alcohol consumption as well.

If someone drinks a low or non-alcoholic content drink, they can still feel the effects even if there really are not any. They can feel intoxicated without it actually being so. That’s the placebo effect.

This is based on expectancy. It affects how someone may react to a low content or non-alcoholic drink. Addiction is shown by research to be based on people getting the effects that they expect.

Even if someone is drinking a low content or non-alcoholic drink doesn’t expect to feel intoxicated, they can. That’s because the way it looks and tastes makes their mind and body expect to be drunk.

That’s actually super interesting because the body can feel drunk without being drunk. They’ll even end up behaving as if they’ve drunk more alcohol than they have.

It can help to pay attention to whether or not you experience placebo effects. That can help you decide if low content or non-alcoholic drinks are right for you. Even ask a friend if you aren’t sure you can judge yourself.

Low-Alcoholic VS Non-Alcoholic

There are many different drinks available that are low alcohol content or have no alcohol at all. They look and taste normal but without the effects of the alcohol. This is great for those who like beer but can’t really handle it. Or it is good for people who love the taste but not the intoxication.

Alcohol-free drinks are obviously the best choice all around for those who shouldn’t have alcohol.