Alcoholics Anonymous has been around since 1935. We are the most well known and renowned organization for those in recovery from addiction. We have lasted, and we have worked well for a reason.

We are a group of men and women who come together without the desire for profit. Instead, our goal is to help others who suffer from alcohol addiction. Yes, the leaders here have also suffered from that demon.

It is important to us and our sobriety to continue forth and help others in recovery. We know recovery takes a lifetime and doesn’t end just because people think it should. You and alcohol may never be close friends again, and that’s okay.

It isn’t shameful and it isn’t your fault. Alcohol just does that, it affects brain chemistry.

There is only one requirement for joining an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. That one requirement is you must have the desire to stop drinking. Yeah, that’s really it.

Alcoholics Anonymous generally abides by the 12 traditions and 12 steps program to help people manage their recovery. These are important to go by because they are the basis of our traditions.

We work so well because we stick to these truths and goals as best that we can. This means we have to trust in ourselves and our God to follow through. It is only through these steps that we can fully succeed in our recovery.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are simply as follows:

  1. We are powerless when it comes to alcohol. It controls our lives.
  2. Only a power that is bigger than us can help us return to sanity.
  3. We need to give the care of ourselves over to God.
  4. We need to evaluate ourselves by God.
  5. We must admit to God and ourselves what we have done wrong.
  6. We are ready for God to help us change for the better.
  7. We ask God to get rid of our faults.
  8. We have to write a list of people we have hurt and made amends with them.
  9. We make amends with these people unless trying to connect with them would be harmful to them.
  10. We need to admit when we are wrong.
  11. We need to pray to God for the strength of will.
  12. We need to have a spiritual awakening and share ourselves with others.