Alcoholism is a danger to society. It is a heavy cost personally and to society as a whole. The annual cost in the United States because of alcohol abuse is hundreds of billions of dollars overall. That is an insane amount of money.

For someone who abuses alcohol, this can lead to a lot of problems. Problems such as health issues like liver problems or cancer. There can be mental or behavioral issues where there weren’t before.

There are injuries one can cause. Some families can be ruined. Alcohol abuse can lead to issues with finances or jobs or even the law. All of this can take a toll on your life and your wallet.

It even leads to a higher cost of healthcare.

Prevention is important because alcohol abuse can be long term. It can affect everyone around them in a negative way.

Here are some ways to help prevent alcohol abuse.

What Are High-Risk Drinking Problems?

Recognizing patterns of high-risk drinking is essential. This is because it can be nipped in the bud before it gets too severe if people realize.

There are alcohol guidelines now written by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism. (NIAAA)

These guidelines stay one shouldn’t drink more than 14 standard drinks a week for men. This also says no more than four drinks a day for men and no more than 3 per day for women. By week women should have no more than 7 drinks.

If someone drinks past these guidelines, they are at risk for alcohol addiction.

It is hoped that these guidelines can help people realize if they are heading toward a problem.

Youth Prevention Programs

Alcohol is the primary choice for young people in the United States. It is their drug of choice. To try and lessen underage drinking means there need to be changed to their community.

There needs to be prevention so that people don’t start their bad habits early on. This means there should be more enforcement of drinking age laws. Advertisements have also been shown to help.

Increasing Taxes

Increasing taxes on alcohol has actually reduced drinking because it made alcohol more expensive.

It works for heavy drinkers and the regular populations. It is especially effective for young adults. This is because it makes alcohol more expensive. People are less likely to want to pay more for it.