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What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is the continued abuse of alcohol that isn’t able to be controlled. It can be harmful. It can harm the user and the user’s loved ones. It can negatively change everything.

Alcohol addiction generally starts when someone starts drinking. They end up drinking too much too often and it just escalates. Drinking alcohol becomes necessary and they can’t choose to stop.

What Is Detoxification?

With repeated abuse of high amounts of alcohol, there grows a tolerance.

Tolerance is when the body builds up a substance in the system. Then the user needs more of it to feel the effects over time. Because of that, there comes more massive use. Heavier use leads to the need for withdrawal.

Withdrawal is the freaking out when a person suddenly stops abusing a substance. Withdrawal can be a painful and scary process. It can make someone feel alone or like they want to give up. It is really the first true hurdle of the recovery process. This is because people lose motivation in the face of pain.

Detox starts right away. When you begin treatment, you stop drinking alcohol. That means it also goes on your entire stay.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of process of cleansing itself. It is getting rid of the substance that has been abused. It’s returning the body to its natural state and making you healthier.

Why Should You Treat It?

Alcohol addiction is actually quite treatable. But it’s not as simple as someone deciding they want to be sober. We wish it were.

A patient has to want to stay sober. It can be hard to manage that desire once they get back to real life and see the struggles they have to face. Finding a routine and coping methods are majorly important to success.

Recovery will be a lifelong process and will not just happen overnight.


What Is The Treatment Process?

Generally, the process for alcohol addiction treatment is the same. It involves therapy and medications.  A professional therapist needs to be there to monitor your health.

It is important to have discussions and talk about goals. A therapist helps you find out what you need to do. They also help you find out what is the best method for you and your recovery.

Sometimes medications are needed to help manage extremes. Some medications can help reduce alcohol cravings.